Promoting climate action through investing in the purchase of Nat5 Tokens

You have long wanted to do your bit for the environment, but don’t know exactly what can be done to be a part of an ecological restoration project. Here is your chance. Now you can join the massive climate action by investing in Nat5 tokens. Nat5 links ecological restoration with the world of fintech and innovation. Natcoin is built on a Smart Chain blockchain, powered by the BEP-20 token.

As allies of the energy and ecological transition, Natcoins represent one tree or a specific climate action taken in an ecological restoration project to combat climate change. It allows you to invest in the voluntary carbon market by taking actions that will generate a Climate Bond, such as tree planting, soil works and habitat conservation.

Nat5 is set to launch their ICO in June 2021 and you can purchase Natcoin tokens and make your contribution to ecology and society. The purpose of Nat5 is to promote massive climate action through investment incentives. It is all the more attractive as it involves the simplicity offered by tokenization and blockchains.

Now show your effectiveness as an environmental protector by purchasing Nat5 tokens and attaining economic empowerment in the process. When you purchase Natcoin tokens, you help create climate responsibility bonds, which can be traded on the Nat5 Exchange. When buying Natcoins, investors gain from appreciation in the crypto market according to the voluntary market of C02, while real actions are taken by NAT5 to fight climate change. Moreover, early adopters purchasing the first Natcoins issued during the initial private sale and the pre ICO first round, will receive a 15% annual stakes reward in Natcoins, guaranteed during the initial 4 year period.

Guillermo Hinojos Mendoza, CEO of Ases Ecological and Sustainable Services/Nat5 Restoration Fund, stated: “The goal is to plant at least 10 million trees to combat climate change and make the crypto world part of the fight for massive climate action.”

In the real world, Natcoin represents trees and specific climate action. The trees will be sold by “2omuch!” The principal Nat5 partner on the platform. The climate bond created from the C02 captured by a certain number of trees, has an exchange value in the voluntary C02 market that makes this project both a concrete way to fight climate change and a natural asset backed by real actions. Instead of tokenizing C02 credits, Natcoin allows the creation of Climate action bonds, like trees, soil work, and habitat conservation, among others. Making Natcoin a unique option in the green crypto market.

Dr. Hinojos added, that although their competitors have a system based on CO2 credits or virtual areas, like m3 or m2 of forest, their project is specifically focused on trees. In contrast, the organization envisages integrating the world of crypto in the solutio; by planting trees and using 50% of the funds raised from the ICO to plant trees. Hence, with the purchase of Natcoin Tokens, in addition to becoming an investor, purchasers can be proud of becoming part of an actual solution. With the purchase of Nat5 Tokens, you join the league of investors who believe in ecological restoration with a climate action asset.

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